The logo for a new Finnish woodwork company called Scandinavian WoodWork.
The logo for a Finnish cosmetic care company called FUNIHO (the word 'iho' in Finnish language means 'skin' in English).
The logo for a Finnish company operating with gemstones, TAGGEMS.
The Logo for a Finnish Yoga Wellness Studio in Tapiola, Finland.
The logo for a Finnish Security Company called Suomen Turvalaitepalvelu.
The logo for the Finnish Ayurveda association called Suomen Ayurveda Yhdistys.
The logo for a Finnish agribusiness company called Herkkutilan Parhaat.
The Logo for Goldsmith Pekka Kulmala (Goldsmith = Kultaseppä).
The logo for Union Design. A community of 10-15 freelance goldsmiths in Helsinki, Finland (located on Union Street).
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